Mood Tracker

2019, 3 months

Helps identify patterns how users mood varies every day.


Mood tracking is a technique for improving mental health where people records their mood at set time intervals, to help identify patterns in how their mood varies. It’s a useful method for someone who wants to understand their behavior better. Together with my brother we design and built an MVP version of the app (available in the App Store and Google Play Store). We collected feedback from the users and now we’re working on improvements and further releases.


To design and build an MVP (MLP) of a mood tracking app for Apple and Android mobile devices.

Scope & Duration

2019, 3 months for design and build of MVP


UX Designer / Product Designer

What skills have I employed?

  • 👉 Analyzing the common mental system and adjust it to design needs
  • 👉 Implementing the design system
  • 👉 Designing the animations system
  • 👉 Design mobile health-related app for all platforms
  • 👉 I improved my knowledge about positive psychology and cognitive patterns of how systems are used.

What has challenged me and what have I learned?

  • 👉 Adjusting the commonly used mental model
  • 👉 Adding micro-interactions - we had limited time for developing the project and we had to eliminate superfluous micro-interactions and left only those with the most impact to delight the user experience by making engaging moments.

A few screenshots