The collaborative markdown writing tool web app.


Jottings is a side project that I did together with my brother. As the final result, we wanted to make a simple and beautiful tool to work in markdown together on the same documents at the same time. The typography and the text layout should be our design priority. We wanted to have some fun from collaborative, visual pleasing minimal writing. We posted the launch of MVP on Product Hunt. The response was very good, people liked it and saw Jottings as a solid candidate for collaborative writing. It was a personal success for me. The potential future actions will include: polishing the web interface, adding more features like ‘focus mode’, keyboard shortcuts, comments, and notifications. We also wanted to make a standalone app for Mac, iOS, and Android.


To create the MVP of real time collaborative writing app in markdown.

Scope & Duration

2016, 2 months, including design process and coding


UX Designer / Product Designer

What skills have I employed?

  • 👉 The project is very successful in a matter of learning
  • 👉 I learned a lot about grid-based design and UX approach to collaboration - how to communicate and discuss processes with a developer and maintain the design documentation

What has challenged me and what have I learned?

  • 👉 Limited resources and how to overcome them
  • 👉 How to keep the balance between possible features and MVP limitations
  • 👉 How to shrink not essential functions to make a working MVP in the short term
  • 👉 How to work remotely with a developer and collaborate in an efficient and agile method

A few screenshots