2016 - 2017

Amsterdam offline audio guide, for short term visitors and solo travelers


Echotags is an offline audioguide for Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It uses geolocation to play recorded messages via earbuds when user is close to an interesting object, spot or location. It was made by two people, me and my brother. We didn’t have large resources for the project. We self-founded it, so we needed to make it well, fast and efficient. This project is a big personal success to me. We managed to create the unique travel assistant like nothing else on the market.


To create an location triggered audioguide for Amsterdam for iOS platform.

Scope & Duration

2016 - 2017, 1 year, including design process, coding, creation of content, audio recordings, and making content managing tools


Product designer (UX, UI). I also prepared the content for the app and organized voice recording session

What skills have I employed?

  • 👉 How to approach the design of B2C app
  • 👉 How to strategize and create content for targeted verticals
  • 👉 How to use statistical data to support design decisions
  • 👉 How to delegate a job to external parties
  • 👉 How to design interface for back-office solutions
  • 👉 How to create and manage a large location-based content, how to activate it and deliver to users at the best time
  • 👉 How to make an app that works in the background, is not disruptive and delivers its content on spot, whenever you need it
  • 👉 I learned a lot about the psychological and social aspects of traveling

What has challenged me and what have I learned?

  • 👉 The most challenging part was to figure out the proper tooltip activation distance. We solved that with the multiple on spot user testings.

A few screenshots