Create the MVP of cross-platform text-editor-like weekly planner


This project is a big personal success to me. We invented it, because we couldn’t find a simple productive tool on the market. The response was very good (Coypu is coded in Vue and Electron and was mention on many websites, we have a lot of users from there). It was very promising project with a lot of new users coming and giving a very positive feedback. Shortly after we finished a desktop MVP for all major platforms (Mac, Win, Linux) the new version of Things by Cultured Code came out. It covered most of the functionality we wanted to make. We decided to make Coypu open source then.


Create the MVP of time planning app that users love.

Scope & Duration

2017. 3 months, including design process and coding


UX Designer / Product Designer

What skills have I employed?

  • 👉 How to interpret user needs and how to delete unnecessary things for an overall better experience
  • 👉 How to know when you can trust your instincts and when is worth to do more extensive researc
  • 👉 How to design a simpler app by getting rid of not essential features

What has challenged me and what have I learned?

  • 👉 From the design perspective, the most difficult part was to stripe the initial concept to the essentials, so it would be possible to execute in a given time. I managed to establish a certain methodology that allows knowing what functions can be eliminated with a certain confidence.

A few screenshots